Thursday, October 2, 2014

12 Thoughts A Romance Writer Has While Writing A Novel

Oh, romance writers... We are special, aren't we? We strive to make you yearn and feel by the words we put together on the page. We want to rip your heart out and laugh at you while we do it. It's sick, and sort of amazing. Shhh, I didn't say that. But, a lot of the time, it's insanely stressful to put the story on a word document. We go through stages...painful are some for your enjoyment. :)

1. In the very beginning, you're freaking ecstatic. "My story is fudging amazing! I can't wait to write."  

2. Then, around a quarter of the way through the first chapter, you hate yourself. "I suck. This sucks. EVERYTHING SUCKS!!" Yeah, introductions can kiss my ass. 

 3. But, finally, you push through and you're calm. Everything is working itself out and life is good again."I might actually be able to do this." 

 4. When you really get into the meat and potatoes of your story, you begin to question everything."Lord have mercy, save my characters! I'm about to delete every damn word if you don't stop talking all at once."

 5. "What the fuck did I just write?" 

But, seriously, everyone has this thought. 
This nauseating, stomach churning feeling that settles in your stomach until you write something that takes it away. It could be thousands of words down the road, but it'll happen. Have faith in yourself.

6. "I'm terrified that my readers will think my characters fall in love too quickly."

Okay, so lets all be honest. We hate insta-love. Sometimes it works, and other times, it just doesn't. When you're a romance/contemporary/new adult writer, that's basically the one thing everyone can agree on. One of my good friends, Jennifer, told me, "when in doubt, wait. Always wait. Make them work for it." And, really, that's amazing advice. Take it. Use it. Implement it.

 7. When you begin to finish your book, you'll inevitably think you've got the story down pat. "Why yes, kind sir. I do actually have a conclusion in mind."

Uhhh, yeah, no. 92,000 words in, shit will change and all hell will break loose. Unless you're a crazy outline addict and write everything down, things will change. Shoot, even then. The story moves, and so do you. At least in my experience, where you want your characters to go and where they ACTUALLY go are two different paths. 

 8. "I'm two weeks away from my deadline and I might vomit if I don't write 7,000 words tonight." When you get to that last home stretch, everything turns into your story. Your husband walked in the door and gives you a look, and suddenly, your character has a thought and you HAVE to write it down. It's slightly maddening. The struggle is real, y'all.

 9. "I might pee my pants."

Yep, you read that right. The possibility of peeing your pants the moment you write "The End" is very likely. Being done is almost so formal that it makes you want to lose bodily functions. It's like, holy shit, I just finished and now I have to edit.

 10. "Ugh, editing. The bane of my existence." I. Hate. Editing. Editing sucks. A lot. For a long time. Bah! 

 11. "I actually have to push the "publish" button myself?!" Eff that nonsense! Yeah, that one click is enough to make me break out in hives. Putting your baby out into the word is scary. 

 12. "Did she really just say that?!" Your book is published and now you're waiting for reviews. DON'T DO THIS. Don't read reviews if you can. People cannot label your worth. Only you can do that. You are a good writer. If you believe in yourself and your ability, the rest will come. And, if you do decide to read the reviews, don't let the negative ones get you down. Read them, take note, and move on. You aren't going to make everyone happy.

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